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Next media services lawyers are delaying Kayz’s release – EJAU president reveals

Entertainment Journalists Association Uganda (EJAU) president Habbie K has revealed that Next Media Services are delaying the release of Kayz, Marko and Wakko.

These Next Media services workers were arrested over the weekend claimed to have spoken false words that destroy the brand and incite disrespect about an artists OS Suna.

According to EJAU president were Kayz and his fellows subscribe, Next Media Services lawyers are not serious and they are the people delaying the whole process because these young men need to be released as soon as possible.

“As EJAU president I can say Kayz, Makko and Wakko who subscribe to our Association are still in prison. Next Media Services lawyers are the one delaying the whole process for their release. These young men would have been released long time but Next Media are becoming selfish, they cant open up to us.” Habbie K said.

Habbie K said as EJAU, they are trying hard to get their own lawyers who will help Kayz and his fellows very soon.

It should be noted that these Next Media Journalists have now spent six days in prison.

Written by Aine Siggy

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