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Isma Olaxess speaks about Danz Kumapeesa’s death trending video

Social media blogger Isma Olaxess has spoken about the trending video about the sudden death of producer Danz Kumapeesa.

He said this following the tik tok video he appeared in saying he knows and was one of the people who killed Danz Kumapeesa in 2017.

According to Isma Olaxess, the video he appeared in is fake and edited because he doesn’t know Danz Kumapeeesa and the time he died he was not even in Uganda.

“The trending tik tok video of me saying I know who killed Danz Kumapeesa is fake. I personally I don’t know Danz Kumapeesa and I have never seen him. I only heard about him when he died.” Isma Olxess said

Isma Olaxess said some people are trying to put him down just because they know he speaks a lot but the reality he is not the person in the video and he doesn’t know anything about Danz Kumapeesa.

It should be noted that Isma Olaxess was also arrested by OS Suna on the same case with Next Media presenters for saying false words about him.

Written by Aine Siggy

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