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Next Media Services presenters, Kayz and his fellows still unapologetic

Next media services presenters Kawalya Isaac known as Kayz, Makko and wakko have vowed not to apologize to artist OS Suna.

This came after these presenters were arrested and remanded to Kitalya prison, for allegedly speaking false words, that deformed the brand of OS Suna and his family members.

According to one of the presenters known as Zahara Totto, Kayz and his fellows will not apologize to anyone because they have proof of what they said about OS Suna and they are looking forward to continue with court until justice is prevailed.

“Here at Next Media Services and the presenters are unapologetic and I am assuring you they will not apologize to these faded artists. Here we have all the proof and I know justice will be prevailed.” Zahara said

After spending five days in prison, Kayz and his fellow were finally granted bail yesterday.

It should be noted that OS Suna said he wanted an apology from these presenters but it looks it is becoming harder and an apology might not be given to him as NBS Television claims to be having the truth.

Written by Aine Siggy

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