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VIDEO: Grace Khan’s housemaid spills all her secrets

Grace Khan’s maid has exposed all her secrets that her fans, family and friends don’t know about.

She said all this during an interview with Urban Television.

According to Grace Khan’s maid who has been working for her for a month, Grace mistreated her and on top of that she is very abusive despite the pregnancy she fronts. The lady said Grace Khan uses a lot of drugs an alcohol at the same time which she thinks disturbs her mind and thinking.

“I have been working for Grace Khan for a month but this woman is not easy. She has been abusing me since I stepped in her house. She uses all kinds of drugs and on top of that she drinks alcohol which I think disorganizes her mind.” The maid said.

Here is the video:

She went ahead and said Grace Khan told her about her pregnancy that the father of her child left her after having misunderstandings in her first months of the pregnancy.

Grace Khan’s maid called on her friend to help her out before things worsen and the unborn baby to get problems.

Written by Aine Siggy

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