Bebe Cool reveals Pr Bugingo’s wife Suzan Makula formed Gagamel

Singer Moses Ssali aka Big Size Bebe Cool came out to reveal how Susan Makula, Pastor Bugingo’s wife was part of the group that formed Gagamel Phamily group.

This is a social media group that bonds together and consists of the singer’s die-hard fans.

Bebe Cool made the revelation during the launch of a clothing line for another die-hard fan of his Kleberson.

The Kasepiki singer then proceeded to say that he was proud of her because she has not ashamed the group and is an upright relationship besides being a good public figure.

“Susan here was part of the original founders of the Gagamel Phamily group a few years ago. I want to thank this group because they have really been there for me. That’s why I tell the youths there to invest in social capital. Your friends will always support you hugely and it’s what they did for me,” Bebe Cool said.

While speaking, Makula revealed that Bebe is a very knowledgeable man who has time and time again given them with invaluable advice.

She recalled the singer’s advice of not drinking alcohol or smoking weed when she was still young but it still rings in her head

Written by Aine Siggy

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