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I am back and Nothing will stop me from being Kayz

Next Media services presenter Kawalya Isaac commonly known as Kayz has spoken to his fans and enemies saying he is back and nothing will stop him from being Kayz.

He said this after being released on a non cash bail of UGX10M from Kitalya prison where he had spent five days for only speaking false words about OS Suna with his fellows Wakko, Makko during a morning show on Sanyuka Television.

According to Kayz, being in prison didn’t stop him from being they Kayz he has been despite the discouraging words that were said about him by fellow TV Presenters and artists. He said he getting ready and gathering content to fully come back on our Television sets.

I’m back at the comfort of my home

Good evening all, I have reached home after several days away and I thank God that I’m safe and sounding.
As I prepare content for tomorrow’s morning show on Sanyuka TV, I got time to go through social media for the days I have been away.

Well, I want to say thank You all who have sent me heartwarming and consoling messages, I cannot take it for granted and for those who were happy, excited and all smiles because of my photo that was taken while I appeared in court, I cannot take your happiness and banters for granted because that is you and I cannot stop you from being you.

Nothing much to say but I just want to conclude by telling those who Love Kayz that I’m back on your favourite TV (NBS TV and Sanyuka TV). Nothing stopped me from being Kayz and tomorrow I return bigger and better.
Good night my People”

Kayz was arrested with his fellows Makko and Wakko last Friday after they allegedly spoke false words about musician OS Suna.

Written by Aine Siggy

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