Nubian Li talks about his friendship with Bobiwine

Singer Bukeni Ali popularly known as Nubian Li recently came out to speak about the immense friendship he has with NUP president Bobi Wine.

The singer who has been Bobi Wine’s singing partner from the mid 2000’s is undoubtedly very close to Bobi Wine and this even saw him made the vice president of Fire base after Buchaman left the crew.

Nubian Li believes he’s more trusted by the Wendi singer more than some of his other friends and even siblings.

It’s even said that Bobi Wine got the push to run for presidency by Nubian Li.

Bobi Wine was also recently Nubian Li’s best man as he legalized his relationship with wife Mutoni Salha.

“He trusts me more than most of our friends and family. I nominated him for the 2021 elections and it is not by mistake that he is my best man,” Nubian Li said.

The singer also added that Bobi Wine has been a big inspiration in his life and a great pillar in his music career.

Written by Aine Siggy

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