I can’t wait to eat Daddy Andre’s sweet food – Angela Katatumba

The Baganda have a saying that water flows from where it has ever flowed from and it seems the case with female veteran singer Angela Katatumba.

News broke out a few days ago how the pair of Angela Katatumba and Daddy Andre were back together again.

And it’s no wonder that Angela is head over heels Daddy Andre after reuniting.

She revealed how she can’t wait to drown in his love but especially his cooking skills which are awesome.

“I missed his food mostly. He is a very good cook. I want him to prepare goat stew that I love so much. Oh my God, I can not wait to test it,” Angela revealed.

It should be noted that the pair was an item even recording a song titled Tonelabira.

They however broke up bitterly and even exchanged a number of bitter words.

Andre then moved on into a new relationship with Nina Roz and even legalized it.

They however broke up and it seems Daddy Andre decided to go back to the starting point

Written by Aine Siggy

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