I was in class when I heard my first hit song play – Spice Diana

Singer Hajarah Namukwaya revealed the eternal feeling she felt after hearing her first hit song.

And what better place to hear it than in a classroom while solving an x+y equation.

The singer revealed that Onsanula was her first hit song and it debuted while she was in form six.

She was in classroom when her song played on one of the speakers outside the classroom.

“I was in form six when my song Onsabula became a hit. I was in class because adjacent to us was library that used to play music loudly. I just went crazy and whenever I would he walking home and find it being played, I would first stop and listen to it,” she revealed.

And as they say that the rest is history, the singer has now since turned into one of the most successful musicians of her generation.

With hits after hits, the singer has also made sure to give a stepping stone to a number of upcoming artistes.

Written by Aine Siggy

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