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Unity is much needed in the entertainment industry – Raga Dee

Legendary Ugandan artist Kazibwe Daniel commonly known by his stage name Raga Dee has come out to say that unity is still needed in the entertainment industry.

Raga Dee said this following the fights be between OS Suna and Next Media Services last week that he said went beyond his expectations.

According to Raga Dee artists and journalists are like twins and they need each other for their lives to move on. Having fights is normal but what matters is how fights are solved because it is something that leaves love and unity even for the future musicians.

“Unity is a key and it is still much needed in the entertainment industry. I saw the recent fights between Kayz, Wakko, Makko and OS Suna. These fights are going to put down the entertainment industry we have struggled to put on this level. I think people in the industry should learn how to control their anger and solve issues indoors. Arresting is not good and was not called for.” Raga Dee said

Raga Dee who has been in the entertainment industry for more than 20 years, said beef between artists and journalists was their but he had never seen anyone arrested for talking about an artist.

He said he will tell anyone what to do but telling them the truth of how the industry works will help them better.

Written by Aine Siggy

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