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Its me who sent Ffefe Busi to Gulu to investigate – Nubian li

Musician and Bobi Wine’s best friend Buken Ali commonly known as Nubian li has revealed that he is the one who sent his brother in law Ffefe Busi to Gulu to investigate.

Ffefe Busi went to Gulu in the month of August with other musician to meet Gen Salim Saleh so that he can give them money for Covid19.

However, Ffefe Busi and Kabako were criticized for going to Gulu because they support the opposition political parties yet Gulu is for the ruling party National Resistance Movement. (NRM).

While giving a speech at his wedding ceremony, Nubian li said there was no need to criticize Ffefe Busi because he is the one who sent him to go and check what takes place their and how artists are treated when their.

“I heard people criticizing Ffefe Busi for going to Gulu. There was no need for that because I am the one who sent him their I wanted to know what takes place in Gulu and how are musicians treated.” Nubian said.

According to Nubian Li, what Ffefe Busi told him was not pleasing at all and he requested artists to stand for themselves and work hard because begging will not help anything but will only put down the industry.

Nubian Li added his voice on to Bobi Wine’s because Bobi Wine made a post about Gulu immediately after artists went their.

Written by Aine Siggy

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