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Kayz excitedly tells his life story in Kitalya prison

Next Media presenter Kawalya Isaac commonly known as Kayz has told his life story of Kitalya prison where he spent five days.

Kayz and two other fellow Next Media presenters Makko and Wakko were arrested by Musician OS Suna who claims that they spoke false words about hom and his family on live television.

Kayz said the person who takes you to prison is equal to the person who has killed you because life in prison is like hell. Kayz said immediately when the entered the first gate, all clothes were taken away from them and given prison uniform with no under pants which made him more heart broken knowing he is not going back home. On top of that eating in prison is a must but the food they eat is not pleasing at all.

Outspoken Kayz said he could not cry while others Makko and Wakko were crying, because he cried enough while burying his mother in January and the only thoughts he had were about his siblings he left at home.

“My heart got broken immediately when I entered the prison bus because I couldn’t believe it. But it became worse when I entered the first gate of Kitalya prisons and my hair was cut in three minutes, they undressed me they gave me prison uniform without under pant. At that moment I almost cried but tears could not come. Eating I prison is a must and the food is really not pleasing at any moment.” Kayz said.

Kayz said when he reached prison, in mates were already waiting for him and they forced him to do for them Uncut show talking about government and the bad environment, food and other things in prison which he did.

Kayz said he doesn’t wish any other person to go to prison because life there is really worrying.

He appreciated everyone that stood by his side and also forgave everyone that abused him and wished he could remain in prison but he said he will not slow down or leave his job and he will start where he stopped from.

Written by Aine Siggy

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