Weasel and OS Suuna make peace on social media

Musicians Weasel and OS Suuna decided to make peace and bury the hatchet between themselves.

This was after OS Suuna who has been accusing the Goodlyf crew of starting up the notion of him being a witch doctor.

This is something that has seen people associated with him and even made him sue a number of journalists a few days ago.

When Weasel got hold of a video in which Suuna was accusing Radio and Weasel of defaming him, Weasel too threatened Suuna to sue him for peddling lies.

“This is defamation Mr OS. We are giving you 48 hours to Apologize or else we are going to OS You to Kitalya,” Weasel posted on his Facebook page.

Suuna decided to apologise to Weasel openly and asked him they bury the accusations behind them.

“At such a time when we are perfecting our aim of eliminating defamation and character assassination by irresponsible journalists, it’s needless for us to be used by the media houses in their competition for news. I therefore take this opportunity to publicly apologise to my brother Weasel and the Goodlyf at large for saying they started this “Oli Mulogo” slogan against me. It’s so human to apologise to someone when you hurt them,” the Gambler singer addressed Weasel.

The Goodlyf crew remnant also replied to OS telling him that the apology had been accepted.

“Apologies accepted broda. Kanzijje orefillinge V8 yange tuddemu, one love,” Weasel told OS.

Meanwhile OS vowed to to school unprofessional journalists on how to conduct their business.

Written by Aine Siggy

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