You have started to get sense – Twitter followers to Samson Kasumba

NBS TV news anchor Samson Kasumba is someone who is known to clash with his followers on Twitter.

This is due to his opinions which most of his followers find disturbing and controversial.

The flamboyant journalist usually clashes with NUP supporters due to his faulting of their principal Bobi Wine.

Kasumba was however this time in a bed of roses with Kyagulanyi’s diehards.

This was after the journalist posted a photo of Bobi Wine and Barbie Itungo recently taken at Nubian Li’s wedding.

This saw his followers tell him that he had started to get sense and told him that they would defend him against anyone attacking him.

They added that this time nobody would attack him before he said that the yellow group was now the one going to put him to the sword.

“For the first time no one will abuse you!!!” One user said to which Kasumba replied “Another group is going to abuse me wait and see.”

“Samson otandise okutegela kirabika onatela okufa, ntidemu bro.”

“Your opinion sounds so generous today, it must have taken you courage to appreciate. Thanks for appreciating.”

“For the first time from the bottom of my heart l agree with you bravo.”

“For the first time I agree. But I expect you to spoil soup in the next hours.”

Written by Aine Siggy

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