I’m disappointed I wasn’t invited for Nubian Li’s wedding – Buchaman

Former Firebase vice president Mark Bugembe aka Buchaman has come out to express his disappointment on not being invited for Nubian Li’s wedding.

Buchaman added that he didn’t even know the singer had wed because he’s not on social media and scarcely watches TV.

Owing to the fact that he left Firebase on bad terms with it’s hierarchy and occasionally attacks them, there was no way he would be invited.

Buchaman however said that he’s friends with Nubian’s wife Mutoni Shiko who occasionally calls him.

He however said that he wishes the couple all the best.

“It’s news to me that the two got wed because I didn’t even know it since I rarely watch TV and I’m not on social media. How would I know yet I wasn’t even called? Nubian’s wife Shiko is my friend and we usually talk over the phone. I remember we used to pick her from Mbuya when she was still as student but she’s a good woman and I wish them all the best,” Buchaman said.

He also said that he has no problem with either Nubian Li or Bobi Wine.

He added that the problem he has with Bobi Wine is some of the things he says and does which Buchaman clearly doesn’t support.

The Lwaki Temumatira singer added that however Firebase owes him for his services rendered to the crew and is still waiting for the payment.

Written by Aine Siggy

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