Trouble in Paradise: Pastor Manjeri narrates her cheating husband’s tale

They say that not all that glitters is gold and not every happy thing means paradise.

This seems the case with Bethel Healing Centre Church Pastor, Irene Manjeri.

The pastor is currently nursing a shattered heart after her cheating husband a one Dr Vincent Katongole is set to marry another wife.

Mr Katongole a serial cheater produced three kids in three different women and the kids are between 5-8 years and even brought them into their marital home.

While speaking in a local TV interview, Pastor Manjeri who was clearly heartbroken said that her husband is intending to marry another woman soon and has even threatened her with death.

She added that her husband has wasted her time but she will pick up the pieces and move on.

Pastor Manjeri added that although she thinks she can still give birth she’s not ready to move into a new relationship.

“I was given news that my husband is intending to marry another woman. I have even been receiving death threats and I can hardly sleep in a house without security. I have no problem if he wants to marry her, they can go on. Let others come and enjoy our sweat. I gave him twins and I think one day they will remember me as a great loving woman. Let another woman also try and see. I don’t think I can even fall in love with another man because I woul be deceiving them. He has just wasted my time and I feel so broken,” the pastor said.

The couple has been married for over 27 years with three kids but it looks like this will be no more.

Pastor Manjeri further said that she will just go ahead to preach the Gospel and pray that God comforts her.

She then said that unlike other partners who prefer an eye for an eye in a relationship, she had never cheated on her husband.

The pastor said that she even fears catching HIV although she has prayed for a number of people that got healed from of the disease.

Written by Aine Siggy

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