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Pastor Manjeri’s husband spills secrets about their marriage

Dr Vincent Katongole Pr Irene Manjer’s husband has spilled secrets about their relationship.

This was after several accusations from Pr Manjeri accusing her husband of wanting to kill her.

She even added that he’s planning on marrying another woman and had been wasting her time.

However, in his defence, Mr Katongole presented divorce papers which showed that their marriage was annulled in 2003.

He added that he had only returned to live with Manjeri after counsel from some elders.

Dr Katongole further revealed that Pr Manjeri while at home is way different from the person she’s while at the Church pulpit.

He went ahead to say that he had become a slave in their marital home and was even locked out of the house about 14 times.

Katongole also said that she always threatened him how she has connections to State House and the former IGP Kale Kayihura whenever they had disagreements.

“I officially divorced Manjeri in 2002/03. I only returned to live with her after being counselled. She’s a very different person at home from what she is on the pulpit. I had become a slave in the house and got tortured a lot. She ordered the security guard to lock me out of the house over 14 times just because I had returned home late. Bit I have businesses that I run and can’t be dancing on a woman’s fingertips.
She doesn’t want to be criticized and even keeps a gun inside the house. Whenever we had arguments she would run to the room to pick it and even used to threaten me how she has connections to State House and the former IGP Kayihura,” Dr Katongole said.

He also said that he decided to move back to his house in Bukoto around 14 years ago and hasn’t been living with her.

Dr Katongole also said that he has two children with the pastor two twins who are now over 21 years and self independent.

Written by Aine Siggy

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