Precious Remmie’s cheating boyfriend exposed

All that is done in darkness shall be exposed in the light and it seems the case with Precious Remmie’s fiance.

The Spark TV Livewire presenter was over the moon yesterday as her man known as Raymond proposed to her.

This saw Remmie take to her social media pages to praise God for this day and she was truly excited.

However new information from Ugandan socialite Don Zella who is based in the US shows that this man is a certified Casanova.

He has womanized a number of women and proposed to some of them with Precious Remmie being the third he has proposed to.

Don Zella added that he knows this guy because she met him in the US at her party two months ago.

“Bambi Remmie don’t marry that ka guy, I have info on him and he’s going to break your heart. Just ask him if he knows Don Zella and see how his eyes will turn red. I was with this ka man on July 16th for my party and he was all pretending corny like a goat. I asked him if he has a girlfriend and he denied the entire night. We drove to his very small house that same night. He even has a small animal and soft like a child’s. I said eh so so been surprised. You see him being fine but he loves fame. Honestly you have crushed but anyways congratulations. He’s so broke and seeks fame. If he refutes this let him come and defend himself. Unless if he changed in two months otherwise, you have totally crashed,” Don Zella posted on her Facebook page.

She added more info of how this man impregnated one of the women and ran away after proposing to her.

He had also proposed to another woman he ran away from before proposing to Remmie.

There was even a photo of Catherine Kusasira as the guy proposed to this woman and Don Zella asked the presidential advisor to help Remmie out.

Written by Aine Siggy

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