Bobi Wine’s supporters almost killed me in my car

Band singer Catherine Kusasira finally decided to sell the car given to her by President Museveni a few years ago.

Kusasira cited security threats as some of the reasons she decided to part ways with the monster ride.

The Nkola ya Taxi singer cited an incident when Bobi Wine supporters in Iganga almost lynched her.

She said everyone had become aware of the car and her life completely became exposed.

“The car had become so known to everyone. Wherever I passed they knew that UBF 610 is Kusasira passing by. I remember last year I was attacked by Nup supporters when Bobi Wine was arrested. All the car shields were stoned down but thanks to the soldiers I was with. Otherwise now I would be dead,” Kusasira said.

She also said that people should stop trying to mind her business because the car was hers and what she does with it is none of their business.

Kusasira also said that the car wasn’t like Kasubi tombs that calls for alarm because she sold it.

She concluded by saying that she’s going to bring in another new monstrous ride soon because she has the dimes.

Written by Aine Siggy

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