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Lydia Jazmine reveals her greatest fear of getting married

Singer Nabawanuka Lydia commonly known as Lydia Jazmine has revealed her greatest fear of getting married while at the peak of her career.

Being one of the celebrities in their 30 years of age with no child no marriage, Lydia Jazmine while having an interview with NBS Television After5, said there is a reason for that.

According to Lydia Jazmine, her greatest fear of getting married or having a child is loosing fans. Jazmine said she thinks there is greater number of fans who follow her just because she is not married and they have hopes that they can have her.

“I am now in my early 30’s without a man nor a child. I love children personally but now I am at the peak of my career. I think if I get married I might lose part of my fans because some follow me with hopes of having me. But if the right time comes I will give birth and I will get married.” Lydia Jazmine said

Lydia Jazmine has never come out publically to show off any of his boyfriends to the public although social media users were attaching her to fellow singers Fik Fameica and Grenade official.

It should be noted that Lydia Jazmine is one of those artists that post photos in skimpy clothes leaving men yarning for more.

Written by Aine Siggy

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