Mc Africa scams Twitter users millions of shillings

Famed for promoting Pia Pounds’ Twende Tupaate hit song and even appearing in the remix featuring Eddy Kenzo, Mc Africa seems like to have vowed not to go back to his old state of poverty.

According to tweets, the blue bird app, the MC decided to use his once upon in a lifetime fame to create a clean heist.

He advertised a road trip alongside singer Liam Voice to Jinja for Ugx 100,000.

A lot of tweeps indeed paid the money as they wanted to go and have some fun.

However when the D-Day came, MC Africa was nowhere to be seen besides exiting the WhatsApp group where the money was being collected.

It’s said that he also blocked everyone that posed a threat to his move.

“Mc Africa exited the WhatsApp group and blocked everyone after collecting people’s ka money for the trip.”

“Finally i get wat MC Africa meant by his statement “Silinna naye webunazibilla njya kubba nzifunyee”

“You people thought I was lying about the Mc Africa trip to Jinja Y’all were scammed.”

Despite the attempts to get in touch with the MC, he’s been unreachable.

It’s not yet known if Liam Voice was part of this plan to defraud people.

Written by Aine Siggy

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