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Gravity Omutujju backs up Winnie Nwagi’s idea of quitting music

Singer Gravity Omutujju has backed up Winnie Nwagi’s idea of quitting music saying he is although thinking about it.

This came few days after Winnie Nwagi posted on her twitter saying she wishes she had another option because she is really tired of the music industry.

Although no one knows what triggered her to make such a statement, Gravity Omutujju came out and said the music industry is very toxic and if he also had an option he would have quit music.

” “I support Winnie Nwagi. I would have also quit if I had an option,” Omutujju Gravity said

Gravity is one of the few artists that have spent more than 6 years in the industry making hit songs after hit songs

Written by Aine Siggy

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