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Kabako still struggling with land wrangles

Singer Roden Y Kabako is still struggling with his Busabala land wrangles.

These land wrangles started in August 2021 after a certain person who claims to be the land lady came out and said Kabako doesn’t own land in Busabala and the land he says is his is for someone else.

Kabako never kept quiet, he took it to his social media to call on fellow artists and fans to help him out fight the person trying to take his land.

Although things looked to be solved, Kabako who had started constructing a house on that land was disturbed again after putting down one part of the wall of that house. Kabako said he will not give up on that until Justice is prevailed.

“I had started constructing as you all see but a woman who claims to be the owner of the land is put down one part of the wall. This land is mine and I bought it with the money from my sweat and hustle. I will not give up until I get justice.” Kabako said.

According to Kabako, Sheeba’s manager Jeff is the one that helped him buy this land and he is helping him too to make sure he gets justice over his land.

Kabako called on his neighbours to cooperate with him so that they get someone disturbing him red handed.

Written by Aine Siggy

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