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Video: Nigerian Superstar Tiwa Savage’s $€× tape leaks

Well forget the nude tapes of Ugandans that have been leaking.

This time it’s international and straight from Naija land.

Nigerian music superstar Tiwa Savage had sex tape leaked and we have it here for you.

The 41 year old singer confirmed a few days ago that someone was threatening her to release this tape and asked for a ransom.

Tiwa however told the blackmailer to go ahead and release it because they would always use it to milk money from her.

“So what happened was the person did it on Snapchat and he posted the tape by accident and deleted it but someone caught it…

“It’s a tiny clip but it’s me and it’s going to be out there forever. There are probably going to be memes” the singer said.

Without further ado find the video below.

Written by Aine Siggy

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