Lydia Jazmine reveals when she’s getting married

Singer Nabawanukka Lydia popularly known as Lydia Jasmine has come out to reveal when she will be walking down the aisle.

The Masukka singer said that marriage is not something one wakes up and just enters into.

They rather need to have the love and desire to do it.

And for her case, marriage is not something she’s eagerly looking forward to.

Jazmine said that maybe she will get married at some point but that’s when it’s God’s timing.

The singer also revealed that she has a lot of men chasing after her but she’s not really interested for now.

“I surely have a lot of men chasing after me for a relationship. It’s not however what I want now. Marriage is something you don’t just dive in if you don’t have the love and desire. Maybe one day I will get married but not now,” the singer said.

She made the comments in relation to her friend Spark TV’s Livewire presenter Precious Remmie who recently introduced her man Bindeeba.

Jazmine wished them all the best but wondered why the TV presenter didn’t invite her.

Written by Aine Siggy

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