Buchaman’s ghetto government collapses

Self styled Ghetto president Buchaman saw his proclaimed ghetto government collapse after he was evicted from his home in Makindye.

The ‘Temumatira’ singer has been occupying a house illegally he had been told to vacate.

The area defence leader said that Buchaman was given three months to leave this house but he didn’t.

He instead occupied the house for three more months without pay.

However when he entered a 7th month, the defense leader decided to use force to remove him since he had been told by the owner of the land to sell it.

This defence leader added that Buchaman was known for his notoriety and at one time beat up the area chairman so badly with his gang.

He also went ahead to say that he’s not afraid of Buchaman’s goons in case he unleashes them on him.

“I was given the authority by the landlord called Kityo to sell this place and I notified Buchaman giving him three months minus pay. He however failed to move in the stipulated time and continued living here for three more months. I have however removed him today. He even at one time beat up the area chairman so badly and I took him to Makndye police station where we sorted everything,” the defense leader said.

This has been Buchaman’s station for his ghetto government and he dubbed it the State House.

It’s not known where he will now set camp.

Written by Aine Siggy

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