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Khalifah Aganaga over the moon as Gossip shows are swept off

Singer Mukibi Sadhat commonly known as Khalifah Aganaga is over the moon after gossip shows in Uganda are swept off.

This came after Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) ordered different media houses to have gossip shows between 10AM and 5Am in the morning or completely scrap off these shows.

Khalifah Aganaga is one of the few artists who have come out to show his happiness saying the music industry is going to be better without these shows because he believes they have been putting down artists.

“In their own words… If kwegumya was a person. The hunter has been hunted, even Straka slowly by slowly disappeared. OS thanks for helping the music industry.” Aganaga posted on face book.

All this happened after Next Media Services presenters, Kayz, Makko and Wakko were arrested by one artist OS Suna saying they spoke false words about him live on television.

However, some gossip shows look like they will not air at 10PM but rather get a better way to inform, educate and entertain people in the entertainment industry.

Written by Aine Siggy

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