I always get female clients for my boyfriend – Bad Black

Faded socialite Bad Black has come out to reveal how she and her fiance Asha Panda fraud people together.

Bad Black said that in case they are walking together and a certain woman says she wants to bed Asha , she just calls him her brother.

The socialite also said that they have an understanding with Asha and both are comfortable with this arrangement.

“If we find a woman who is attracted to Asha and wants to bed with him, I just say he’s my brother and even book them to Sheraton. However after Asha gets the money, I call her telling her that he’s my husband. I can’t see money and start acting jealous and insecure,” Bad Black said

She was questioned if she also does the same but said that she has taken long without doing this business.

Bad Black rose to fame through defrauding pensioner David Greenahalgh.

She was arrested and jailed for four years but it seems like she decided to start from where she stopped in her thigh vending business.

Written by Aine Siggy

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