Kabako allegedly bewitched over land issues

Singer Roden Y Kabako is currently admitted in hospital in a critical condition.

This was after the singer was attacked by an unknown illness and it’s alleged that it could be witchcraft.

It’s further alleged that this could be stemming from the land wrangles currently in Busabala.

The TNS singer has been embroiled in land wrangles with a one Hajjati Namusisi and the area chairman in Busabala over a plot of land.

Kabako had proceeded to build on it but the two went ahead to demolish his structure.

The singer was warned that land issues usually claim people’s lives and he should therefore be careful with this matter.

Kabako however said that it’s usually the weak hearted and humble who die but he will fight for what’s rightfully his.

Quick recovery to the singer.

Written by Aine Siggy

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