Bad Black is the Oprah of Uganda – Rajiv Ruparelia

Rajiv Ruparelia the managing director of Ruparelia group of companies has come out to liken socialite Bad Black to American media mogul Oprah Winfrey.

The money bags said that he’s the one who decided to appoint Bad Black as the brand ambassador of Victoria University.

This decision was however met with much criticism from the public due to Bad Black’s public conduct.

The University was questioned how in the world it could appoint a renowned prostitute to be the face of a learning institution and what values they are trying to instill to their learners.

Rajiv said that Ugandans should open up their minds and avoid bias.

He said that the instance of Oprah who was also “sexually assaulted” should be an example to the rest.

Rajiv further said that people now want to associate with Oprah yet most of them looked down on her when she was still struggling.

“I made the decision to appoint Bad Black with the vice Chancellor and I own up that decision. I was however disappointed with people’s comments about her. She wants to reform and made it clear but people were so negative. Take an example of Oprah, she’s now a multibillion brand and everyone wants to dine with her but they don’t want to look at her story. Do you know how many women Oprah has inspired? How many women can be like Bad Black and stand up and talk about their past with such courage,” Rajiv expressed.

For the case of Oprah, she was rather sexually abused and not a choice she took up.

She has even never come out to boast of how her body got her all the fame and money.

Oprah rather used the injustices done to her to inspire other people who might be going through the same.

Bad Black on the other hand is proud of vending leg and has always boasted about it.

Written by Aine Siggy

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