I will fight any of my fans attacking Bobi Wine’s family – Bebe Cool

Gagamel boss Big Size Bebe Cool recently came out in an interview to reveal how he wouldn’t tolerate anyone from his camp that attacks his nemesis, Bobi Wine’s family.

Bebe Cool said that he has many differences with the NUP leader but he can’t drag his wife and kids in their old aged beef.

“I do not agree with Bobi Wine on many things, but his children and wife are a no-go zone. I am not going to be friends with anyone attacking Bobi Wine’s wife. Yes, we do not talk, he does not come to my home, but I don’t want any of my fans and followers abusing Barbie or his children,” Bebe Cool said.

Unlike what the public assumes of their beef being personal, Bebe Cool denied this saying it’s professional and stems from their music.

He went ahead to say that he has never wished the Fire base leader bad thing and would never do so.

“On my side, I wouldn’t wish him dead and it will never happen. I would pick him up at his weakest,” the singer added.

It should be noted that Bobi Wine’s attack on Bebe Cool’s father Mzee Bidandi Ssali and wife Zuena Kirema escalated this beef.

The wire wire singer said that he would only make amends with Bobi Wine if he apologizes to him publicly.

Written by Aine Siggy

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