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Kaye Wisdom unhappy with pastors that exploit gospel artists

The president of gospel artists Kaye Wisdom has come out to show his unhappiness about different pastors that exploit Gospel artists.

He said during an interview with NBS Television.

All this came following the Uganda Performing Rights Society’s (UPRS) continuous pressure on different media houses to pay for the music they play on their platforms.

According to Kaye Wisdom, some pastors owning media houses have denied to pay saying gospel artists sing for God therefore they are not supposed to be paid.

“I am not happy with these pastors that exploit gospel artists. Its not right to say they should not be paid because they are singing for God. I am assuring you if they don’t pay the UPRS in 6 months you will see what we will do next.” Kaye Wisdom said.

Kaye Wisdom being the President of Gospel artists, he promised these artists that his job is to fight for their rights and before he resigns a lot will have changed.

Written by Aine Siggy

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