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Sipapa spills Serena Bata’s dirty secrets

City socialite and Serena Bata’s ex boyfriend has spilled all her dirty secrets to the public.

He did so during an interview with Bukedde television.

Sipapa who looks to be sad since Serena Bata left him said he is unhappy with how Serena Bata sings about him in every song yet he is still looking after her financially.

Sipapa said Serena Bata is just a villager and ignorant because she knows everything about how she used to behave while married to him although Sipapa does want to tell the public about it.

“I wonder how Serena Bata sings about me in every song she releases abusing me. I want to let everyone know that I am still looking after Serena Bata I send her money every month and is she denies I will bring evidence. Serena is just primitive and ignorant that’s why she does all she is doing.” Sipapa said.

He went ahead and told the world that whatever Serena Bata is singing about him is a lie because he had bought her a car worth 63 million yet she came out and said she never had a car.

Sipapa said Serena Bata is suffering with life where she is.

Written by Aine Siggy

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