Gospel singer Exodus hits back at Greedy Pastors

Gospel singer Exodus has come out to hit back at pastors he called greedy and selfish.

This is after Christianity Focus Ministries pastor, Bishop David Kiganda said this week that gospel singers should not be paid a single coin.

Kiganda said that these are always doing God’s work with their talent hence it should be free.

His comments came after UPRS ordered for the annual payment of 1.25m shillings to singers from their music.

This did not please Exodus who said that these pastors only care about themselves.

Exodus added that these pastors for over 2 decades have been building themselves multi-million empires neglecting the gospel singers.

The Igwe singer wondered how these pastors don’t expect singers to earn from the music they invest in.

He also questioned why these pastors collect money from the flock yet they feel irritated with singers earning from their sweat.

“I really don’t know why these pastors are irritated with UPRS’ decision to have us earn from our music. This is even yearly and not monthly, why the fuss. Why would they want us not to earn from our music yet they make people pay for their preachings. Those are both talents and if you say we shouldn’t be paid, the same should apply to you. These pastors have collected money for over 25 years and own multi million assets. How do they expect these artistes to survive and be role models without engaging in illegal activities,” the singer said.

Written by Aine Siggy

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