Kalifah AgaNaga survives death by a whisker

Local dancehall singer Kalifah AgaNaga survived being killed earlier this week in Semuto.

The singer was involved in a commotion that involved gun fire.

He was rounded up while signing a land agreement he had bought in the area.

Kalifah however said that this did not involve him but he was just a victim.

“I had gone to sign a land agreement and before I knew it gunfire broke out between the area police and some plain clothed gun men. The area police tried to stop these who had come from taking us and bullets were fired. While in the van I learnt that the misunderstanding was between the person who had sold land to me and another who owed him Ugx 12 million,” Kalifah said.

He added that he was angered by these men who did not provide the reason why he was arrested but was only told to go and ask Museveni.

The Oyitangayo singer said that it was stupid of these security men to arrest them the way they did because it could have brought up deadly demonstrations in the area.

Kalifah added that he was one of the people who campaigned for President Museveni and even some people hate him for that.

He advised security forces to start being professional.

Written by Aine Siggy

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