Kulthum Muzaata reveals late husband used to pay her for being a housewife

Widow to the late Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata, Kulthum Muzaata has revealed how her late husband used to pay her a salary of 2m shillings for being a housewife.

Kulthum revealed that before she got a job, Sheikh Muzaata used to provide everything for her and she was never lacking.

Even when he got her a job with Jennifer Musisi’s KCCA, she almost turned it down.

She criticized men of nowadays saying they are nolonger responsible.

“My husband used to give me a salary of 2m shillings before I started working. Food was always there and fuel in the car. I was generally a happy woman. When he told me he had gotten me a job to work with Dr Jennifer Musisi , I almost refused because everything was there. I think the calibre of men like my late husband are over. He came at my parents directly and asked for my hand in marriage. The men currently sleep with our girls just for a chapati and after dump them,” Kulthum revealed.

Kulthum went ahead to launch a foundation in memory of Sheikh Muzaata that will be helping the girl child.

Written by Aine Siggy

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