Esther and Ezekiel’s parents are fighting for the money – East Africa’s got Talent

The East Africa’s Got Talent show organizers have come out to clear the air on the rumors of defaulting the winners, Esther and Ezekiel.

It was reported that there is a conflict on who gets the remaining balance of the money since there are many people involved now.

One of the organizing team member revealed that they cleared part of the money and only a small portion remains.

He however said that the reason the balance hasn’t been cleared yet is the disagreements between the family.

“The kids have a guardian named Sarah who registered them for the competition and was always there for them in the entire talent show. The father and mother only joined later on after realizing that the kids could indeed win the competition. We however paid them $25000 and some money was given to their mother. The problem now is that we don’t know who to give the remainder of the money since there are four parties involved,” a rep from EAGT revealed.

He further said that they had plans of pushing the duo’s career and were even taken to Tanzania where they performed at Kofi Olomide’s concert.

Pastor Steven Mutesasira the father of the pair however said it was their mother who ill advised them to record the recent video with them demanding for the money.

Pastor Mutesasira said that his ex wife loves money so much but he instructed her to stop misleading them.

Written by Aine Siggy

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