Viral $3x tape of a couple in Kisoro having a quickie by the roadside

Ugandans on social media have been treated to some drama after an anonymous couple in Kisoro were taped having a quickie by the road side.

The man is seen parking his bicycle by the road side.

He quickly grabs his woman who doesn’t make much aim to resist.

Before anyone knows it, this man has slid in and is seen humping the woman.

That’s Uganda for you, people have become so horny that they don’t mind where they do it from.

This had Twitter reacting hilariously.

“I love my country!!”

“Kisoro District has done it. People having sex in broad day light on the road. Ani afuga egwanga lino.”

“In Kampala u need cars to smash but in Kisoro u just need Bicycles.”

Written by Aine Siggy

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