Pastor Andrew Jjengo jailed by his father’s baby mama

Pastor Andrew Jjengo son of the late Pastor Yiga of Revival Church in Kawala looks to be in some deep trouble as he was jailed by a baby mama to his late dad earlier this week.

The youthful pastor was however released as matters proceeded to Court.

This lady maintains that Jjengo has failed to fulfill his agreement obligations.

These required him to be paying Ugx 400,000 monthly to this woman in child support fees.

She added that Jjengo had previously refused to to help her prompting her to run to Police where the agreement was agreed upon.

Jjengo however after some time has failed to abide by this agreement.

Her defence argued that Jjengo is the executor of his father’s responsibilities and has to do them just as his father would.

Jjengo’s defence on the hand argued that he has no responsibility over his father’s children that weren’t left in his care.

It was further argued that the late’s assets should be sold and the money shared amongst the beneficiaries.

The lady further said that this 400k was just for home necessities such as food and not the likes of school fees or medication.

Pastor Yiga owned a number of assets in and around Kampala including ABS TV, Revival church among others.

Written by Aine Siggy

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