Bishop Kiganda’s clash with UPRS continues, vows not pay artistes

Bishop David Kiganda yesterday alongside other pastors called a meeting to issue their stance against the ongoing row with UPRS.

Kiganda said that UPRS is wrong to force them to pay and they will not.

He added that a private entity like UPRS cannot determine for the Church what to be done.

The city pastor further said that he doesn’t stop any gospel artist from joining UPRS.

He however said that they never asked any of these artistes to bring their music to faith based media to be played and all those who want can come and take it away.

“We as Church have come out to issue a stance against the utterances of UPRS a few days ago. They said that any faith based media found playing music of one of the gospel singers signed to them will be closed by government. First I want them to show us the card saying they belong to government and besides we have never asked these singers to bring their songs to us for airplay. We are not paying them anything because they did not sell anything to us,” Kiganda vowed.

It should be noted that the past few days have been dominated by clashes between different sections of gospel singers and some pastors.

These artistes support UPRS’ decision to have them paid for their work while the likes of Kiganda disagree with this.

Kiganda’s argument is that these singers are doing God’s work with the talent he gave them.

However some artistes wondered why some media stations like Kiganda’s ask them for money when they take their songs there to be played.

Written by Aine Siggy

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