Pastor Bugingo stings ex wife, says she was dragging him backwards

House of Prayer Ministries International lead Pastor, Aloysius Bugingo has come out to sting his ‘ex wife’ Teddy Bugingo.

The pastor said that he’s now a very happy man and financially developing.

He added that he’s been able to find all this in the woman of his life Susan Makula unlike Teddy Bugingo who was dragging him back.

Just like most men who detest their homes due to the unbecoming nature of their wives, Bugingo said that he wasn’t devoid of this as his home had become a prison for him.

“Many men have money but sleep in bars because they have no peace at home. I have a very beautiful house with every household but I lacked peace when I was still with Teddy. I would stay outside and only go back home at 01:00 am. I am now happy with Suzan who completes my life. I leave church early to be with her. I appreciate her for the care, love, and support,” he said,” Bugingo said.

The couple who had gone through thick and thin having gotten married from the 90’s bitterly broke up a few years ago.

Although they haven’t finalized their divorce, Bugingo clearly doesn’t want anything to do with her and has expressed his desire to marry Susan Makula who came to his company as a worker.

Bugingo has severally been criticized but he’s a man drunk in love and doesn’t surely hear the critics.

Written by Aine Siggy

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