Bebe Cool Shouldn’t Be Blamed For Not Supporting His Son – Sheila Gashumba

Media personality and socialite Sheila Gashumba has come out to defend singer Bebe Cool for not supporting his son Allan Hendrik aka Paper Daddy musically.

Sheila who recently joined the NBS After 5 crew said that Allan is now a mature man who should fend for himself.

She gave an example of herself saying her father stopped supporting her when she was 18.

She further added that besides help comes to only those who are showing effort.

” I support Bebe Cool for not injecting all his energies into supporting the son’s career. Allan is now a mature man and can fight for himself. I myself left my father’s home at 18 and I’m girl. He didn’t even know I was joining the NBS After 5 crew, I wanted it to be a surprise to him. I have my own home and so does he. We live our lives differently,” she said.

Many people feel that the Gagamel boss has not fully supported his son because his music career is yet to get off ground.

With all the connections and power he wields on the industry, Bebe Cool could have chosen the easier path for his son.

He has however numerous times said that he wants him to build a legacy of his own.

Meanwhile Sheila Gashumba also advised Ugandan artistes to stop moving with useless people.

Written by Aine Siggy

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