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Grace Khan insists Prince Omar fathers her child

Singer Grace Khan has insisted that fellow singer Prince Omar is the father of her unborn baby although he denied the pregnancy.

She said this during an interview with an online blogger.

This came after Grace Khan broke down into tears during her baby shower over the weekend saying since she got to know she was pregnant, the father of her child has never showed up in her life and on top of that he went to the media saying he doesn’t know Grace Khan and he has never seen her.

“The father of child denied the pregnancy since I conceived e has never been in my life. I saw him on TV saying he has never seen me he only hears about me which is not bad. The truth will come out soon.” Grace Khan said

Being her first pregnancy, Grace Khan said she was frustrated at first but later came to understand that’s how life is especially when the man who gets you pregnant decides to run away.

Grace said she is praying for good delivery, other issues will come later when the child is finally out.

Written by Aine Siggy

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