I bribed to get VIP treatment in Jail -King Michael

Singer King Michael has come out to reveal that he bribed the Police to get VIP treatment after being arrested over the weekend.

The singer revealed that he was arrested with others for defying curfew hours on Friday last week.

When he tried to plead with the policeman to forgive them, he was informed that this wasn’t possible.

They were then taken to Natete Prison where he says that he paid some money to get a room for himself that was properly cleaned.

“We were arrested on Friday as we watched a football game at my bar. The officer said he couldn’t forgive us because he was fulfilling his job. I asked him to take us to Natete Police instead of Kibuye which is overcrowded. While there I was given a room alone which was properly cleaned with clean beddings. I got this because I paid some money,” Michael sad.

He added that even his phone was left to him which he used to contact his people outside.

The singer spent the weekend behind bars since courts don’t work over the weekend.

He was only sentenced to community service.

Written by Aine Siggy

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