Robin Kitsi is better than Sheila Gashumba – Vampino

Not everyone seems to have been pleased by the fact that Sheila Gashumba scooped the NBS After 5 job and among these is dancehall singer Vampino.

The Kwekunyakunya singer said that Sheila Gashumba only has the social media numbers and is good at doing shorter shows.

He added that on the other hand Robin Kitsi has the ingredients that the NBS After 5 program needed.

“But NBS TV, don’t take it far. Me I will speak for the rest…Sheila Gashumba has the numbers but to run the show, noooo…U denied the gal the job for no reason. Sheila is good for seconds not meant for a full show…it takes a lot and Kisti already has all that…. I’m just saying don’t refuse to play my music, I’m just a fan,” Vampino said.

It should be noted that Robin Kitsi was left heartbroken after her nemesis Sheila was chosen for the After 5 job.

Having been used to present one of the shows on the TV station, Kitsi thought that she stood a chance but this wasn’t.

She further said that she’s much better than Sheila who was picked for her social media following and not the talent which she doesn’t have.

The former Login presenter was clearly heartbroken but it’s a game of numbers.

Written by Aine Siggy

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