NBS TV’s After 5 Crew Salaries Revealed

For a number of years now, NBS TV’s After 5 crew has proved to be the best undisputed weekly entertainment program.

It’s having some of the best presenters in the category has surely helped to achieve this milestone.

And with the recent addition of popular socialite Sheila Gashumba, this show is expected to soar more.

The more the show grows probably the more salary the presenters earn.

We have however exclusively learnt of the salaries the crew currently earns.

Mc Kat’s is said to be the highest earner at 2m shillings although it’s said his pay was raised.

The newest addition and only female Sheila Gashumba who recently revealed that she makes Ugx 70m on her phone monthly earns 1.7m.

Douglas Lwanga earns 1.8m shillings and has a free platform to promote his Purple Party.

Dj Roja and Dvj Mercy are the lowest earners pocketing a monthly salary of 1.5m each.

Written by Aine Siggy

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