Pallaso reveals why he didn’t bed Winnie Nwagi on recent trip

Singer Pallaso has come out to reveal why he didn’t try any attempt to bed the sassy, sexy and curvaceous Winnie Nwagi during their recent European music tour.

The sucker free boss said that Winnie Nwagi is called fire baby and he therefore fears to be burned.

He joked that those with metals cannot burn then you come with your wood to dip it into the fire.

The Malamu singer also said that he’s been a close fan of the Fire baby and when they met, they talked extensively about their personal lifestyles and music.

Pallaso also said that Ugandans should reward him for keeping Nwagi and returning her safely for one month since she’s a national treasure.

“I didn’t really try to vibe Winnie Nwagi. Metals can’t burn and you try to bring wood. I also fear fire that’s why she’s called fire baby. I have been a fan of her for long and when we met, we talked about personal life and music extensively. Ugandans should thank me for keeping her safe and returning her without a scratch after one month. She’s a national treasure,” Pallaso noted.

When he was asked about how his alleged girlfriend Sasha Brighton feels about his recent closeness with Nwagi, Pallaso said that she’s fine with it and knows it was work.

Written by Aine Siggy

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