Big Eye betrayed my mother – Don Zella’s daughter

US based socialite Don Zella’s first born daughter Brittney has come out to criticise her ex step father singer Big Eye.

The 11 year old girl during an interview which was also attended by her mother Don Zella claimed that Big Eye is a traitor who went behind her mother’s back.

She says that her mother had always been there for Big Eye but he betrayed her by spilling private information after their break up which hurt Don Zella so much.

“He stayed with us, but later revealed private information to the public after separating with mum. This hurt mum, this wasn’t good of him. He did that because it benefited him,” Brittney said.

It should be noted that Don Zella and Big Eye don’t see eye to eye yet they were lovers at one time.

The two share a son together but Don Zella has always maintained that she has no child with the Indicator singer.

This was because the self styled Star boss denied fathering her twins who passed away years ago.

Brittney also advised her mother to stay away from smart wires and get a proper man.

Written by Aine Siggy

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