Horrible: STV presenter Fifi Parker’s hips and butt Photoshop goes wrong

There is no absolute doubt that an African woman with the right body curves is more worshipped and adored than those who don’t.

It’s for this reason that different women have tried all the available means to them to get these body curves.

Some try body enhancing medicines, others go for surgery while others wear plastic body parts.

However for STV presenter, Fifi Parker she neither does this but enhances her photos posted online through Photoshop.

For the second time now, the beautiful Fifi’s photos have been exposed with Photoshopping.

It’s either her who doesn’t know how to edit them or the one who taught her how to edit these pictures is the wrong one.

And as social media is full of all investigative journalists, she’s now been smoked out countless times with awkward Photoshop.

Here are the pictures for you to determine whether she has the curves or if she Photoshops them.

Written by Aine Siggy

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