It will not end in tears – Robin Kisti assures haters

Former NTV presenter Robin Kisti has assured her haters that her relationship will not end in tears.

This came after her boyfriend decided to make it official.

According to Robin Kisti, haters have started saying her relationship is going to end in tears but for the long period they have been together in silence it will never end in tears.

“I have started hearing my haters saying it is going to end in tears but am assuring them it is not going anywhere. I have been with my boyfriend for a long time we have a child together. I know tears are normal in a relationship but it won’t end.” Robin Kisti said

Robin Kisti said she is now a married woman and she is ready to take on the marriage duties look after her husband and the three children she is having.

Despite being denied a job at NBS Television, Robin Kisti said good things are still coming to her way because she is talented.

Written by Aine Siggy

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